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Nattaanong, Brussels

Nattaanong, Student from Bangkok in Brussels
jacket QSNCC, gloves Ralph Lauren, leggings Zara, shorts and scarf Sion Shopping in Bangkok, bag In Class, shoes Onitsuka

Nisa, Brussels

Nisa, Student from Bangkok in Brussels
dress 9513, leggings Zara, jacket Platinum Plaza Bangkok, shoes Villains, necklace Tiffany&Co, bag Hermès, gloves H&M, scarf Topshop London

April, Brussels

April, Student from Oxford
skirt Selfridges, blouse Vila, cardigan Topshop, tights H&M, boots and hat Harrods, necklace and rings Devon

Joanna, Brussels

Joanna, Student from Bordeaux in Brussels
dress IKKS, jacket Hardface, scarf Galeries Lafayette, boots Requins, earrings from Ile de Ré, tights Falke, bag from my mother

Aida, Brussels

Aida, Student
dress Mais il est où le soleil?, legging Mango, bag gift from my mother, necklace from Paris