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Diane, Buenos Aires

Diane, Writer
outfit Topshop, shoes and glasses Vintage

glasses Vintage

Maria Jose, Buenos Aires

Maria Jose, Model
dress Cora Groppo, belt Prune, bag LV, sandals Lucerna

Romina, Buenos Aires

Romina, Student
dress Delaostia, bag El Mercadillo, boots Centrico

On the streets of Buenos Aires

Soledad, Buenos Aires

Soledad, Student
shorts A.Y. not dead, top and bag Complot, earrings self made

Diane, Buenos Aires

Diane, Writer
dress Top Shop, boots Vintage

Laura, Buenos Aires

Laura, Student
shorts Wanama, top Abercrombie, belt Rapsodia, sandals Maggio&Rosseto, bag Silvil Vane

Julieta, Buenos Aires

Julieta, Student
shorts Soho, top Blondie, glasses Orbital, sandals Havaianas