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Vivian Saback, Salvador

Vivian Saback, Lawyer
dress Espaço Fashion, bag and shoes Arezzo, earrings and bracelet Acessorium, ring Antonio Jóias

dress Espaço Fashion

bag and shoes Arezzo

Layla, Salvador

Layla Yumi, Food & Beverage Manager
pants Animale, t-shirt Vintage, bag and shoes Shoestock, earrings and bracelet Accessorize

t-shirt Vintage, earrings and bracelet Accessorize

t-shirt Vintage

bag Shoestock, bracelet Accessorize

shoes Shoestock, pants Animale

Adriana, Salvador

Adriana, Student
shorts and blouse Handara, sandals Monalisa Shoes,tights Scala, bracelets ARF

shorts and blouse Handara

bracelets ARF

sandals Monalisa Shoes

Christiana, Salvador

Cristiana, Student
dress The Planet, bag Zara, hat Arezzo, sandals Comparatto, glasses Oficina de Óculos, earrings Cambodja

hat Arezzo, glasses Oficina de Óculos, earrings Cambodja

bag Zara

sandals Comparatto

Milena Temporal, Salvador

Milena Temporal, Student
dress Nina, sandals Via Uno, bag and bracelets Dinni

bag Dinni

bracelets Dinni

sandals Via Uno

Suely Temporal, Salvador

Suely Temporal, Journalist
dress Zara, hat Arezzo, shoes Comparato, bracelet and necklace Accessorize

Streetstyle by Stela in Maxi Dresses

Praia do Forte

Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro


Sao Paulo

Sara, Salvador

Sara, Stylist and Blogger
dress Amapô, bag no name, sandals New Order, glasses Von Zipper, necklace Fabia Bercsek, watch Casio

necklace Fabia Bercsek

watch Casio

sandals New Order