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Lorena, São Paulo

Lorena, Doctor
overall C.O.X., bag Mina Belle, sandals Side Walk, glasses Norch

overall C.O.X.

bag Mina Belle, sandals Side Walk

glasses Norch

Raisa, São Paulo

Raisa, Seller
dress and bag Polly Maggoo, shoes Modateca

dress Polly Maggoo

bag Polly Maggoo

shoes Modateca

Renata Isabel, São Paulo

Renata Isabel, Student
shorts Hollister, blouse Dress To, belt Blueberry, sandals Giovana Mayer, necklace Lucia Bastos, glasses Tom Ford

shorts Hollister, belt Blueberry

necklace Lucia Bastos, glasses Tom Ford

sandals Giovana Mayer

Patricja, São Paulo

Patricja, Auditor
shorts Mob, blouse Lucy in the Sky, bag Datelli, shoes Capodarte, glasses Ray Ban

bag Datelli

Tamara, São Paulo

Tamara, Business Woman
shorts Maria Bonita Extra, t-shirt Forever 21, bag Elizethe Gama, hat from my boy friend, shoes 2nd hand shop in New York

bag Elizethe Gama

It’s a Global Pairing

Buenos Aires

Sao Paulo

Rio de Janeiro


Sao Paulo

Streetstyle by Stela in Maxi Dresses

Praia do Forte

Buenos Aires

Rio de Janeiro


Sao Paulo

Catharina, São Paulo

Catharina, Photographer
dress Zara, bag Michael Kors, belt Mafalda Bayan, shoes All Star, glasses Carrera

bag Michael Kors

belt Mafalda Bayan